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Official Terms

In addition to mastering the game and its rules, having a familiarity with the official jargon used in badminton can prove useful and practical. This knowledge can provide a comprehensive perspective of the game, facilitating a deeper comprehension of its intricacies.

Commonly Used Official Terms

Not just those who play badminton but those that enjoy regularly watching and following the sport should acquaint themselves with these terminologies. Familiarity with these terms and their meanings can enhance one's comprehension of the commentary during a badminton match.

During Service:


This means the service did not reach the line of service on the opponent’s side. It fell short of the line.


This means the shuttle landed outside the line. In singles, it means it fell outside the second baseline and in doubles, it means it fell beyond the first base line and the point was lost by the server


This means the shuttle fell outside the sideline of the court. In singles, it means the first sideline and in doubles, it means the second sideline.


 An umpire calls a let when the server makes a service not knowing that the opponent was not ready or due to some unforeseen circumstance where the receiver or the server was interrupted suddenly.

Scoring Terms:


Love means 0. The game starts with the scoring of Love all which means 0-0.


 During a general game of 21 points, when both players have reached 20-20, it is termed as deuce. From here the player to score 2 straight points wins the match.


In the game, if there is a point where the players are at deuce, whoever wins the next point is said to have the advantage. There are two things that can follow, either the person with advantage wins the next point and wins the game or can lose the point and again it becomes deuce for the players.

Court Area:


This refers to the front part of the court where generally the net shots are played from.


This is the middle of the court, from where hitting winners are easy.

Rear court

This refers to the back of the court. This is the best area to push your opponent to.

Badminton Shots/ Techniques:


This refers to the front part of the court where generally the net shots are played from.

Follow through

This is the middle of the court, from where hitting winners are easy.


The smash shot is hit with power and speed downward into the opponent's court. The angle and the steepness of the shuttlecock's trajectory make it hard for the opponent to retrieve and return.

Half Smash

Half smash means playing a smash, but not with complete power.


Drive is a parallel stroke hit from the side of the court to the other. The idea is the not lift the shuttle high and give the opponent a chance to attack.


A tap is a shot played from the forecourt in a way to the rally by taking a point. It is a very effective stroke and is played in a way to have the same impact as a smash.


Slice means when you try to give the shuttle an angle that is harder for the opponent to reach and is played by cutting the shuttle on contact. It is played to give more depth, angle and deception to the shot.

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